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Monday, November 24th, 2008
11:01 pm - Rum Dood Meets Balut
If you aren't familiar with balut, it's essentially a fertilized egg that you boil and then eat. The fertilized part is important, because that means that you get the mostly developed bird embryo inside the egg. Usually this will be a duck or a chicken egg...I'd love to see someone do this with ostrich though. Anyway, you take the egg, boil it for half an hour, and then eat it with salt, pepper, and some sort of leafy thing that my coworker brought and didn't know the English name for (I was told later that it's related to basil).

I've wanted to try balut for quite a while - ever since my coworker, Melissa, started working with us. She's from the Philipines and had talked about balut before and my curiosity was piqued. She's always told me that she's unaware of any place in the LA area to get good balut, but my coworker from Vietnam, Henry, guaranteed me he could get me good balut. Little did I know that he meant he could bring me fertilized duck eggs and some leaves and that I'd have to do the (admittedly minor) work of cooking it. In the end, well, it was damn tasty.

Yes I killed those baby ducks...and I'd do it again if I had the chance! In fact, I'll be having balut again next week at Chin Ting, courtesy of the cooks!

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Monday, October 27th, 2008
11:01 pm - Somewhere In London
I'm not going to do a write-up of RumFest here.  I may come back and recap parties and whatnot that I deem improper for RumDood.com later, but for the time being, I just feel like writing randomly.

It's about 6 am here in Foggy Londontown.  I've been up since just before 4 because a friend of mine called me, thinking that I was already home.  I wasn't.  I get home in about 21 hours.  Something tells me I'm going to be tired when I get there.

Yesterday was my day off from rum.  I woke up this morning, finally partook of the free breakfast offered by my hotel, and then prepared for my day.  My original plan for the day included a trip to Reading to visit my cousin, Angelique, and actually stay at her flat overnight to save a little on hotel costs.  I showered, dressed, packed, and checked out of my hotel - leaving my bags with the desk to be collected later.

I had been in London for 3 days, but I hadn't done any real sightseeing.  I walked out of my hotel near Paddington Station and randomly chose a direction, and began walking.  I generally prefer to not take tour buses or even necessarily go to a specific site when I'm visiting a city for the first time.  I like to get a better feel for the city itself.  The sights will be there and possibly come naturally.  I want to know the city itself.

As I came to different intersections I would randomly choose to continue in my current direction or turn.  I don't usually pull out my camera or even look around at the architecture a good deal unless there's something startling about it.  For the most part I walk with the crowds of locals, trying to appear to be one of them.  In London I'm not sure how good I ended up being at that considering my dress was not what appeared to be standard fair for the people I saw on the street - especially my woven Cuban-style hat.

I can say that at least I managed the street crossings well enough.  I've been asked by more than one person if I've almost been run over while crossing the street yet - which I haven't.  I adapted pretty quickly to looking the opposite direction that I would at home when crossing the street, and when you're in a big city like London or New York you end up crossing most intersections with large groups of people.  When the herd moves, you move.

After a few turns and meanderings I found myself in SoHo.  There was a great collection of bars that advertised live music at night and great cocktails.  During my weekend I had spent time in the bars of Notting Hill - which was amazing - but I found myself wanting to come and spend some time in SoHo.

This thought led to my concern about staying with Angelique.  She lives in Reading, which is 30 minutes from Paddington by train.  She gets around Reading by bus, which means that I'd have to move my luggage around on buses.  Also, if I came back to London after dinner, I could come down to SoHo to hang out.  I decided that when I got back to my hotel, I'd see about getting a new room for the night.

The wandering continued and I eventually looked up to see that I was in London's famed West End.  When I had first started planning this trip, I had considered trying to squeeze in a theatrical show down here.  It being Monday though, I was a bit surprised to find that the theaters were not dark and that - if I hadn't already had plans that would preclude my being in the West End by 8 pm - I could have caught a show after all.  I will have to remember this for my next trip.

Travel through London aimlessly for long enough, and apparently you will find yourself in Trafalgar Square.  At this point, my stubbornness about not appearing as a tourist melted away.  I sat down and looked around the square, taking it all in.  I pulled out my camera and snapped a few shots of the monuments, fountains, and architecture.  I briefly considered walking into the museum, but noticed the gleaming gold accents of London's most famous clock tower - Big Ben - looming in the distance.  My new course determined, I moved on.

I took more pictures as I passed by Parliament, eventually deciding to turn again when I reached the Thames.  I now had a very rough idea of where I was in relation to my hotel.  I turned away from the river to head north.  Without the aid of navigation or maps, I managed to navigate a city that is much more circuitous than New York and eventually find my way back to my hotel (with a stop at a pub for lunch).

After about 4 hours of walking through the city, I walked up to the front desk and inquired about getting a new room.  I was in luck, they had one room left.  I gladly took the room, collected my bags, and went up to find my new room.  I took a short nap, freshened up, and then walked across the street to Paddington Station to catch the train to Reading.

The train ride was uneventful, and I texted my cousin when I debarked.  I'll say one thing for the weather, it was cold.  My cousin came and met me in front of the station sans coat.  I'd say she's gone native, except she immediately began complaining about how cold it was and that she couldn't believe she hadn't taken a coat this morning.

We quickly made our way to a local Thai restaurant (Thai Corner), where the staff was very friendly if not a tad overdeferential.  I'm always a tad uncomfortable when someone looks at the floor with head bowed while taking my order or delivering my food.  I'm not anyone of any significance.  I realize it's just a cultural difference, but it bothers me nonetheless.  After some quite good pad see ew, we walked down the street to one of Angelique's more commonly visited pubs for a pint or two to catch up.  Once the glasses were emptied, it was time for her to head home and for me to return to London.

My flight home departs in about 8 hours.  I've had a tremendous time here, but I confess that I am eager to get home, where I have other budding adventures can't wait to enjoy.

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
7:42 am - This Will Make Someone Happy
You are a

Social Liberal
(81% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(71% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on OkCupid.com: Free Online Dating
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

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Thursday, August 28th, 2008
10:53 am - Booker T Had It Right
"We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary."

- Booker T. Washington

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
3:59 pm - Random Chat
Feel the need to archive some funny chat moments sometimes....

rd: Kidnapping and torturing vodka reps?

kp: We've managed to get no one arrested yet, and I think we'd prefer to maintain that tradition.

kp: Injuries are fine, however

rd: Well then you'd better do a good job with the kidnapping


tt: Jesus and a Rainbow?
kp: Bible is tempting, but very dangerous
rd: Not if you use tongs and proper eye protection

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Monday, July 28th, 2008
4:29 pm - Heading Vegas-way....again
It's that time of year again...time for our annual Guys' Trip to Vegas.  For those of you who will be in the City of Sin either for vacation or due to residency, hit me up if you're interested in a drink or something along those lines.

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008
1:22 pm - Friends List Notice
This is just a note to those of you who have told me that you've been reading this blog via someone's friends page:

From now on I will be restricting a lot more of my posts to Friends Only.  I'm doing this largely because I just got back from a conference where an awful lot of people took me very seriously for my other blog, and I'm thinking that while some of my posts here are pretty much OK and likely not too threatening to whatever limited credibility I have, others should probably just be kept between us.  So, basically, you never know which posting may be pure gold but restricted, or bland crap and published to the world.

The good news is that if you're reading this and you're hoping to keep reading everything rather than the more limited selection, just send me the friend request or whatever it is, and I'll probably approve it.  Probably.

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8:09 am - Tales of the Cocktail: Home Alive
Well, I'm back from New Orleans, Louisiana.  It was a ridiculously awesome trip.  There aren't enough words to express the awesomenicity of Tales of the Cocktail.

Last Monday I went to work with a suitcase and a laptop, and a pocket full of dreams....dreams of spending 7 days drinking non-stop from 10 in the morning until whenever I finally lost consciousness.  I had my business cards, my Twitter account setup, and I was ready to party.

I worked a little over a half day, and then was driven to the airport and proceeded to wait for my flight for about 2.5 hours because they kept delaying it.  It wasn't too bad.  I worked on typing up my notes for a review of Rhum Clement VSOP, made some more progress on a pet-project I'm working on with Veela, and bothered people on the telephone until my flight finally showed up.

I arrived in New Orleans late Monday night, around 11:30ish, and took the 23 day cab ride in to the French Quarter to check in to my hotel, dump my stuff, call and let Veela & Yim know I had arrived safely (I'm not sure how this relationship works yet, but I'm required to check in with them now), did the same with my mom, and then decided to check out the Carousel Bar downstairs and hopefully wander out to find some food as I hadn't eaten in 6 hours.

I never made it out of the Carousel Bar.  Well, technically I did...just not until they basically threw me out.  I had run in to some other cocktail bloggers, bar owners, and other undesireables and ended up chatting with them until the bar stopped moving (it rotates around the bartenders) and the lights came on and they refused to serve me another sazerac.  I had read another blogger's warning that one should not close down the Carousel every night.

Tuesday was the first day of the Ministry of Rum Tasting Competition.  I won't go in to a lot of detail here, because I already wrote an article on it for RumDood and TalesBlog.  I will say this: It was the most stressful drinking experience of my life.  It was like taking a test, except rather than just your future, someone else's future hung in the balance (but not really).  Silent drinking while trying to score 60+ rums is hard work.

Met up with a bunch of my fellow cocktail bloggers that night, and apparently the rum and tiki bloggers have a uniform.  My neato woven cuban hat was not so distinctive all of the sudden, as it seemed all of us wore hats, had facial hair, and some sort of tropical or bowling shirt.  People told us it made us easy to find in a crowd...just look for the cluster of goofy lookin' guys.

These cocktail bloggers?  Some of the greatest people I've ever met.  Seriously.  I can't recall many other groups where I so easily fell in to OLD routines on first meeting them.  It was like we didn't even have to get to know each other...we just picked up quoting Monty Python and Kids in the Hall and Star Wars and randomly bursting into showtunes in between overanalyzing every drink in front of us.  It probably helped that every blogger that wasn't a professional bartender (it turns out) seems to work in computers.  Computer nerds that like to drink a lot...I'm noticing a theme in my friends.

Note on Tuesday: Closed the Carousel Bar again.  Not before Dr. Bamboo drew this of me on the fly while we circled the bartender though:

Wednesday was more rum tasting, followed by an avalanche of parties.  Blogger Reception (hosted by Cabana Cachaca), Welcome Reception (Hosted by Beefeater), "Save The Daiquiri" (hosted by Clement), and some party suite hosted by someone different every night.  I attended all of these.  And when they shut down the suite party early, I ended up - where else? - the Carousel Bar until they closed it.  Then I got invited to a party in a room, hosted by 2 bartenders/bar managers.  Why not?  Drinking until 4:30 in the morning (I think) makes you do things you wouldn't normally do...like make a drunken video recap of your day.

Thursday...um...Thursday....Thursday.  What the heck did I do on Thursday?  Oh right...so sessions on Thursday and a little writing.  And a tour of the distillery for Old New Orleans Rum.  That was amazing, and I owe Cassidy (the brand ambassador) about a dozen drinks the next time I see her for spending almost 2 hours with me there.  The sessions were great.  Very informative, very fun.  The highlight of the day though was dinner.  Thursday night was the night of our Spirited Dinners, which were multi-course dinners available at different restaurants, hosted by various master chefs and bartenders.  I went to the Tiki Spirited Dinner.  I won't do a full write-up, because there's a pretty good one over at Kaiser Penguin already.  It was unbelieveably good.

Thursday saw my streak of nights closing the Carousel finally end - although I want a rematch because I only left when I couldn't get a drink after revolving around the bartenders for over 25 minutes.  So instead we went to Absinthe House and drank there, before a few of us wandered up and down Bourbon Street for a while.  Man does that place have a different sort of vibe once you become a liquor snob.  Poor plebian drinkers with their plastic neon cups and slurpy machine monstrosities.  I weep for the future.

Friday was more sessions, but with a twist: I caught a cold.  I was miserable in the morning.  I couldn't breathe, I had horrid sinus pressure, and just felt like shit.  I did make it to some awesome stuff though, like Darcy's panel on Sensory Perception and Taste, where I learned that I am a "Super Taster".  That's right, I taste better than most people.  I'm just going to leave that out there.

Bed early on Friday because of the cold, led to Saturday, which was FULL of rum and tiki sessions, so I was busy.  I liveblogged, I wrote notes, and - as I had all week - started drinking at 10:30 in the morning.  Saturday was not an early night though.  My record for constant drinking that week was set on Saturday, with drinks from 10:30 am to 4:30 am.

I would like to say that no one was drunk-dialed on this trip, although one person did get drunk IMed, and after concluding that it was too hard to understand messages like "im'vv b3en drtinki0n exxpnsfi rhuu's", asked me to call them.  Sorry Ochre, you got what you asked for.  ;-)

Sunday was the last day of sessions.  After they were all over, I collected a sack of phat l00tz (rums given to me by Jeff Berry, who is ridiculously awesome), did some wandering through the quarter, and then spent the evening doing a little light drinking before flying home and working a half day on Monday.

I have soooooo much more to write.  Important people I met.  Fun questions I was asked (seriously, people were asking me how they can better market upscale rums to their customers and I just wanted to say, "How should I know?  I buy it already.").

For now, I'm going to take a break to keep you from being incapped by a wall of text, and just share my flickr page until I can get my 4.5GB of stuff up on my site.

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Thursday, July 10th, 2008
11:26 am - Of New Orleans And Shipping Containers
It's looming large in my future...in 3 days or so, I'm getting on an airplane and flying to New Orleans to attend Tales of the Cocktail.

It's going to be 7 days of drinking and drinking-related discussions....oh and food...god the food in New Orleans.  If I come back from this trip having put on only 30 pounds, I'll consider it a success.

Of course, it won't just be drinking and talking about drinking and eating and talking about eating.  I'm there as a member of the press for RumDood.com.  Yeah, I know...they'll give press credentials to anyone these days apparently.  I'll be blogging at least once a day, and cross-posting most of my entries to RumDood and the official group blog for the event: TalesBlog.  Also, because I won't be able to update every thought at every moment and I know everyone wants that so badly, I setup a Twitter account at the beginning of the month and will be updating it frequently.

My itinerary for the trip is here, and it's a doozy.  I'm going to be crazy busy.  So many sessions, so much booze, so little time.  OK, 7 days in NOLA is hardly "little time".

The biggest problem that I foresee is the lack of "little to ship back".  I haven't even gotten to the conference yet, and I have already heard from 2 different rum producers that will be there, who are providing me with a combined 15 bottles of rum.  FIFTEEN!  I haven't even visited the conference store, gotten my free Reidell glasses, or collected other samples yet.  I see a mad dash to the FedEx or UPS store in my future.

Anyway, I'll be taking lots of pictures and some video and I'll post the album here when I get back.

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Thursday, June 19th, 2008
7:29 am - Finding Life Infusing
I'm such a freaking slacker...I still don't have pictures from my LA romp with Death Valley Pornstar posted yet...and that's really just because I suck. I swear I'll have it done soon...I'm still clearing stuff off of my server now that the ex's site has been transferred off. I can't just do uber-destruction mode to clean things off, because of the probably 15GB of pictures, there are actually some worth saving...and some of my niece that my brother would never forgive me for destroying. So the process is going a lot more slowly than expected.

I spent a good deal of time last night managing FTP downloads that kept crashing Filezilla, deleting files form the server, and putting together financial records for divorce proceedings. Yeah...it wasn't a real uplifting evening for the most part. Many thanks to Veela and Ochre for taking time out of their evenings to chat with me.

I guess I really just did my evening backwards. I should have started with the shitty stuff that I didn't realize was going to put me in such a shitty mood, and THEN gone for an 18.5km (11.4mi) bike ride, and THEN cooked an awesome dinner, and THEN completed my real main task for the evening: bottling a rum infusion.

Quick side-note on the cycling - I'm really enjoying it. I've got a bike computer now that monitors my speed and total distance, which is more helpful than I thought it would be. Being able to look down and see my current pace is rather helpful at maintaining said pace. I try to average about 21km per hour, which is roughly 13mph (I haven't taken the time to change it over to Imperial units instead of metric). I've been riding the Santa Ana River Trail pretty much every day this week, each day changing it up a bit by going further north or further south than I've gone before. I did 10 miles on Monday, a little over 13 miles on Tuesday, and a little over 11 yesterday. It feels great...although my legs are a bit tired today...perhaps today I'll just do 10 again.... I like to think that by next summer I'll be able to do a 150 ride (150km) to San Diego.

Anyway, nobody cares about that...whereas I know there are at least 2 or 3 people interested in my primary goal last night: bottling a rum infusion.

This weekend I'll be attending Team Compounds' Pimps & Hos Party 2.0 in Las Vegas with Veela and Yim. The party is in honor of Cara's birthday, and - as the Rum Dood - I felt it was my responsibility to bring something a little special (other than me of course). So last week I started 2 new rum infusions to take with me: pineapple and strawberry.

Looks nice doesn't it? I shelved the 2 jars and let them sit. By the next morning the fruit had all floated to the top and the rum had already started to take on the color of the fruit, with the pineapple getting just a slight yellow tint, and the strawberry becoming noticeably pink (while the berries seemed to be losing their color).

Having been about a week, I tast-tested both last night and decided it was time to bottle the strawberry (the pineapple needs another day or two, and it needed some more sugar). Here's what the rum looked like after 7 days:

You can see that the berries are nearly colorless now, and the pineapples are also whitening as the rum pulls their essense out like the Dark Crystal draining a gelfing.

First thing first, remove the berries.

The berries removed, we can move on to the actual bottling.  I suppose I could just keep everything in the jar, but I've found that pouring from a jar doesn't work nearly as well as from a bottle...plus a bottle can make things look pretty official/sophisticated/classy or something like that.  Of course, there are still bits of fruit and other particulate in there, and you don't want any of that ending up in someone's drink.  So out come the funnel and the cheesecloth...

Toss the cheesecloth, throw the jar and the funnel in the dishwasher, and we have a finished bottle of Rum Dood Strawberry Rum.

Et voila!  I actually own special bottles for infusions, but they're only 250mL and I'm not going to risk losing any of them at the party.  Plus, these Matusalem bottles are pretty bitchin' IMO.  I think I need to order some Rum Dood labels for these things if I'm going to take them to parties.  I think that could be kind of cool.

The strawberry rum is pretty good.  There's a strong strawberry flavor to it, but it's nowhere near as sweet as the flavored swill you'd normally buy in a store.  Of course, while I think that's a great thing, I can't say for sure whether the ladies at the party will agree...but that's beside the point.

The pineapple will get a few more days in the jar, and got a fresh injection of a tablespoon of demerara sugar to help sweeten it up because it wasn't nearly sweet enough, even for me.  I may revisit the strawberry tonight or Friday and see if I change my mind about adding more sugar to it to sweeten it up a bit more.

So there you have it...a LOT more than you ever cared to know about rum infusions.  Maybe I should have posted this on RumDood.com.....

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Monday, June 9th, 2008
9:21 pm - Seriously, I'm just wasting time right now
No really...if you're looking for deep insight into my life or pictures of my latest adventure (drove to Monterey for the weekend, tons of great pics), you're going to be sadly disappointed.

Then again, since I doubt anyone looks for any insight into my life here, deep or otherwise, disappointment should be even more of a foregone conclusion.

I'm sitting in a laundromat at the moment.  I had gotten a little behind on my laundry - not much, about 4 loads total - and I didn't feel like spending upwards of 4 hours doing laundry on a school night.  It's not bad...a little pricey ($2.50 a load instead of $1.50)...but this is about convenience and temporal efficiency....it has nothing to do with saving a buck.

I just spent a few minutes playing peekaboo with a random 1-year-old here who was staring at the back of my laptop screen while his parents tried to get him to leave me alone.  I always feel bad when parents feel like their kids are disturbing me when they really aren't.  I definitely give the parents credit for watching their kids though.  Nothing worse than unsupervised demons that DO annoy you while their parents sit idly by, as though hoping that you'll snap and then beat their progeny to death with your car keys.

But when their kids aren't doing anything wrong, I feel bad and obligated to demonstrate that everything is copacetic.  I suppose I could have just said, "No se precupen", but I figured that playing peekaboo would be more fun for everyone.  I did ask how old he was and told the parents that I have a niece that's a year older than he is, yadda yadda yadda.  I'm sometimes startled when my Spanish comes back to me.  I'm beginning to wonder if the whole idea of learning German is really a waste and that I should really be trying to learn Spanish instead.  Seems like it would be far more useful anyway.

Peekaboo came rather easily since I spent my weekend with an 18-month-old who for some reason was utterly attached to me at first sight.  It was rather bizarre.  I mean, kids tend to like me.  They have some sort of sixth sense that I'm a sucker and will play with them or something.  They're drawn to me in a way that panel van drivers across the country only dream of.

Sean was pretty much the same.  The entire weekend he would demand that his parents relinquish their hold on him and hand him over to me....or that they let me walk him through the parking lot or sit next to him in the car or hand him his juice....I don't know...I just work here.

Anyway, had a great visit.  Stayed with Debbie and Scott, saw Kay and Krissie...drove back down the coast through Big Sur.  Everything was about as perfect as it could get with the exception of the Lakers/Celtics game.  But these things happen.

I'm feeling good about things these days...which is infinitely cool.

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Friday, June 6th, 2008
10:52 am - Totally Unworthy of Posting
But I'm hungover and I'm sitting in bed when I should be packing my car or exercising or packsercising or something.  Did I mention I'm hungover?  As a rule, one should never drink a six-pack of Newcastle, followed by half a bottle of Ron Pampero Aniversario while sitting up talking to people online until 3 in the goddamn morning.

This whole late-night Vent thing is getting out of hand...and I blame Ochre...and to a lesser extent, Pagan.  Oh, and Veela.  I can't leave out the ringleader who plotted this whole thing.  I'm sure she did...she's got them shifty eyes.  She's trying to kill me so that she and Yim can steal my rum...but their plot has one hole in it: I'm drinking the rum and taking it with me!!!!!

OK, I need to quit screwing around, go shower, pack, and then head off in to the sunset.  I'm on my way to Monterey, and aint nothin' gonna get in my way.  Why do I suddenly feel like I should be backed up by a banjo and a steel guitar?

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2008
9:16 am - Modern Drunkard Speaks Truthiness Again
Yeah yeah yeah...I need to blog about Vegas, it's coming.  Trust me, it's coming.  I have pictures uploaded places and everything...but I need to make some tweaks before I do my epic Vegas post.

For the meantime, chew on this:

"I’m going to say it flat out: anyone who’s never been drunk doesn’t know a damn thing about themselves. All they know is the conscious voice in their head, and that voice is an expert liar. It’s only when that preacher is shoved off the podium—so the that the rest of the congregation can speak—that you become aware of the true dogma of the self."

- Frank Kelly Rich

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Saturday, May 17th, 2008
7:24 pm - Kill Me
No, really...please kill me.

I'm in complete freaking agony right now.  Well, maybe not complete.  I think I'm at 45% agony really.  I was close to complete earlier, but I've since applied an icy-hot patch and taken a large dose of ibuprofen.

Basically, my bike is still trying to kill me.  I never realized that bikes were so similar to horses...and apparently mine does not want to be saddled.

Last week I had to stop riding for a while because, after a 14 mile ride with Muppet, I noticed a soreness in my right knee that the Internet tells me was a strained quadriceps insertion (the tendon that connects the bottom of your quad to the bottom of your femur).  It hurt.  Not a lot, but enough to make me think that I should take it easy for a few days - which I did.

Of course, as soon as I could go a whole day with no pain, I was right back on the bike, and went for a lovely 12 mile ride through Orange.  And when I got back, I couldn't move...at all.  I seem to have re-aggravated my lower back.  And it's bad this time...much worse than the first time my bike did this to me.

Now, as a perfect follow-up to hurting my back on Thursday morning, I drove to Santa Barbara for Ken's wedding on Friday.  Had some fun at the wedding.  I enjoyed the reception a lot more than the ceremony...these ceremonies are still somewhat hard for me to sit through, and not just because my back is trying to bend me in half through spasm.  My back was a problem through-out the night...but I self-medicated with about 15 or 16 Newcastles.

Got up this morning, had breakfast with the Hindmans and then hit the road...for 3 and a half hours.  Bad Back + 6.5 hours driving + wedding == OMFGPLEASEKILLME.

I was planning on going out with Muppet tonight, but I'm thinking that I'll have to pass on that.  If he wants to hang out, we'll have to do some activity that will allow me to lay on the floor for extended periods of time.  I'm thinking tomorrow will be more of the same.  Dammit...I have laundry to do...but I ain't carrying my laundry up and down stairs with my back tweaked out like this.

I need to get healed up quickly.  There is Vegassing going on this coming weekend.  I need to be in tip-top debauching condition to hang out with V, Jimi, and Jules.

If you don't hear from me by June, tell Cuspar I love him, and that the videos should be destroyed.

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Monday, May 5th, 2008
9:42 pm - When I Grow Up...
Or when my beard does, I want to be this man...

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10:06 am - Preferable to "Tard that is Drunk"

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Monday, April 21st, 2008
8:34 am - I'm A Firm Believer In A Ruling Class
Especially since I rule.

Gotta love Kevin Smith and "Clerks".

I'm theoretically not supposed to be doing this.  I've had numerous people advise me against blogging...hence the purging of so much of the turmoil that I've been dealing with for the past 2 months.  But I'm an addict...I have a problem, I admit it.  I will be restricting myself to more lucid and calm moments...so the emo-posts are likely a thing of the past...or maybe they'll just get posted as private.  I dunno.  Apparently it's a bad thing to advertise that you're not OK.  Good tip, thanks Egon.

The "Clerks" quote is the result of me finally getting my 1 year review as a Senior Software Developer...which means I'm no longer on probation.  I scored a 1 on a scale of 5...which is actually excellent because here the 5 is "You suck the mighty suck" and the 1 is "OMG uR hawt!!" or something along those lines.  Basically working at the PD is like playing golf.  It's often boring and frustrating and you want to walk away with the lowest score possible...and you're not supposed to hit anyone with your stick.

Anyway, I got an excellent review, a 5% raise, and my boss provided me with a copy of the letter he sent the Chief which was essentially a full page of "Dood is teh awesome."  So in about 6-10 weeks I should be seeing my pay increase take effect...if the system moves quickly.  Thank God for retro-pay.

I like being at work because everything makes sense here.  OK, maybe that's not true...there are times when i wonder if I'm the only sane person here (which is a horrifying thought...if Dood is the sanest person in the room, there is a problem)...but I always feel like I know what to do here.  Emergencies happen, I just deal with them.  Data's in the wrong place, modify the code.  It's all so simple, even when the solution is hard.  I don't know if that makes as much sense outside of my cavernous skull as it did whilst inside it, but there it is.  These days I've been working at making my home-life better mirror my work life...so, you know, reading ESPN.com and my blog feeds.  ;-)

Still adjusting to bachelor-hood.  It's eerily quiet at home, even with the TV on as filler...I know I used to do this, but I don't recall really enjoying it even then.  It's just in my makeup, I like to be around people, with alone-time being the exception rather than the rule.  I try really hard not to impose on everyone else with my neediness.  I know I know..."No Dood, call any time!  I won't think you're needy!"  Yes you will.  Trust me.  I think I'm needy...and that's without bothering you.  So the struggle goes on. 

You know what the hardest thing to adjust to is (other than the being by yourself all the time)?  Cooking.  I've been cooking for two people for so long, and the last time I was living alone, I didn't cook that often...so trying to figure out what to make so that I'm not eating the same thing for 11 consecutive meals (that gets old REALLY fast) is proving to be a bit of a challenge.  I'm slowly getting the hang of it...shopping is (mostly) cheaper.  I mean, I had already gotten more into the habit of just buying ingredients for one or two recipes before, but it's not like I can buy HALF of a bell pepper or half of a potato, etc.  I foresee a lot of moldy cheese in my future.

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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
8:30 am - Warren Buffet On Class Warfare
“There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

- Warren Buffet

Just saw this in a Ben Stein article and felt like sharing it.  That is all, carry on.

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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
8:33 am - Celebrate Repeal Day!
Today (December 5th) is the 74th Anniversary of the Repeal of the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution.  That's right, today is REPEAL DAY!

Today marks an important and often overlooked holiday in the US.  Today is the only non-federal holiday that celebrates your rights as an American citizen.  Today is the day that remembers when Americans stood up as a people and demanded the right to order a beer, or a martini, or (god help us all) a flirtini and maybe some pretzels or peanuts to go with that.

Yes I know I haven't updated THIS blog with any info about my cruise (I blogged a little at the other one though).  It was a cruise. There was a boat, I was on it, we went places with beaches, I bought a shitload of rum.  That time has passed.  That ship has sailed.  It's time to move on.

If you're not some tea-totaling, closeted prohibitionist, it is your civic DUTY to get out there and imbibe a dram or two of your favorite alcoholic beverage!  Remember that in this country we fought for our right to party, and there ain't no party like a US party cause a US party don't stop (except for the 14 years during which the party did, in fact, stop, kind of).

If you're looking for a little inspiration, check out this month's Mixology Monday entries.  Round-ups can be found  here and here (hint: Dood's entry is in the second link).

Cheers, bitches.

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Tuesday, November 13th, 2007
2:24 pm - Saxman On Artificial Intelligence


"AI is reinventing the wheel....you build yourself a nice wheel then when it goes, it explodes...but you don't find any pieces, instead you found the wheel undamaged at its destination, but it's not where you wanted it to go =("

- Saxman

Just thought I'd share this tidbit from my conversation with him today.  It made me laugh.

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